2020 Wall Calendar of Art


Enjoy a year of candy-colored pop-art animals, painted by Dawn Pedersen! This wall calendar is 11″ across and 8.5″ tall (17″ tall when opened). Spiral bound. Each month features a beautiful, brightly-colored animal painting in watercolor and acrylic paint.

January: “That One Friend Who Never Lets You Take a Selfie Alone”
February: “Bubba’s Gonna Need to Try Your Chicken Again to Make Sure It’s Safe for You to Eat”
March: “Mild-Mannered Maine Coon By Day, NIGHTCLAW By Night”
April: “Joe’s Roses Delight Your Noses”
May: “For Mental Health, Molly Needs to Freak Out For At Least Three Minutes Each Day”
June: “Bora Angelique Wanted To Become an Astronaut Until She Realized It Would Cut Into Naptime”
July: “Bubblegum”
August: “Lola Is Excited To Show Off Her ‘Sexy Human’ Costume This Halloween”
September: “Randolph Wonders If You Share His Obsession For 80s Post-Punk”
October: “Kona Is the Shadow on the Moon at Night”
November: “Simba Dares You To Boop the Snoop Again”
December: “Yuki Feels More Serene Now That He’s Started Gardening”

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