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Reviewing Art Elements, Part 4: Draw an Imaginary Person

Draw an Imaginary Person - student drawing

This lesson served as a final project (one-day) at the high school, and simply as a comprehensive exercise at the middle school.


  1. Use the manikin as a model.
    • Three students per manikin
    • All three students agree together on a pose
    • After it is positioned, do not move the manikin
  2. Draw the outlines/contours of the manikin
    • Draw what you see
    • Have the body fill the paper, but small parts may go off the edges
    • Draw lightly
  3. Create an imaginary clothed person
    • Base it on your drawing in step #2
    • Color the drawing, using a range of value to show shading and roundness
    • If time, draw an appropriate background

manikin photo manikin sketch
imaginary person from manikin model

UPDATE 01-05-07: Student Work

I will try to get more photos, but for now I will post this 7th grader’s drawing without comment.
Student Work - from manikin

UPDATE 01-13-07: Student Work

Here are four drawings from high schoolers.

Student Work - from manikin Student Work - from manikin Student Work - from manikin Student Work - from manikin

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