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Trying watercolor again: an anniversary gift for my boyfriend

watercolor painting: Fenrir praying mantis

I took a color course in watercolor over ten years ago. My teacher, Gary Pruner, is an extremely good painter and I admire his work greatly. However, I came out of that class intimidated by watercolor instead of encouraged. I am much more comfortable with acrylic paint, and eventually gave all my watercolor supplies away.
Unfortunately, my attitude toward watercolor has kept me from jumping right in with it with my students. That is, until I picked up a Winsor & Newton Cotman kit at University Art right at the beginning of the winter break. I grabbed a couple of books on the subject, including a great tutorial book called Watercolour in 10 Steps by Patricia Seligman. I’ve gone through most of the book and went on to do a mediocre painting of one of my cats (she kept moving.)
My boyfriend owns a pet praying mantis that he found on his car tire in front of my house. He keeps it on a house plant in his apartment, and he feeds it well with crickets. He named it Fenrir. He really cherishes the little guy, so I think a little watercolor of his pet will please him. I took a few photos this morning. Our one-year anniversary since we first met is tomorrow. I’m giving him this 6″ x 4″ painting I did this afternoon as a gift:
Fenrir by Dawn Pedersen - copyright 2007
I now feel energized to teach my students a little something about watercolor. I’m looking forward to going through Artist’s Projects You Can Paint: 10 Floral Watercolors by Kathy Dunham next.
I bought an oil painting kit too, for sometime soon. I’ve never used oil paint before.

UPDATE 01/07/07

I signed up to take an official oil painting class at a local community college on Tuesday nights. I hope I can balance it with time for my Thursday night master’s class, lesson planning, and my boyfriend. Otherwise, I’m very excited about it!

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